Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warcraft Millionaire

Warcraft Millionaire

Gathering gold in the World of Warcraft is by many seen as a hell of a job. Spending hours of grinding for just a few hundred gold if your auctions sell etc. We all know the scenario. We all need the gold. The solution?

Buying gold

Buying gold is NOT the solution. First of all the gold out there is very expensive. You buy one thousand gold for $15 these days. If you want your epic flying mount, some decent gear, pay somebody to make an arena rating for you, buy gems and enchants, a mammoth mount etc. You'll be spending at least $500. The trick is that once a new expansion or patch is releases, you're going to want new thing and what, pay another $500? On top of that you are in risk of getting your account banned because please know that buying gold can get you banned.

So, what is the solution?

The solution lays in knowledge. Being able to buy an amount of gold not even that bad, even though it costs and it will leave your backpack really fast. Once it's gone however, it's really gone. If there would be a way that you learn how to earn gold while spending minimum amounts of time and effort however, you basically can solve your gold problems for the long run. Where can one get the information? From a Warcraft Millionaire perhaps? Is there even one? You bet - Brad Johnson has one million gold and can call himself a Warcraft Millionaire. Even better, he has included all his secrets, tips and gold making strategies in his Warcraft Millionaire gold guide which is available for WoW players like you and me.

The Warcraft Millionaire guide includes many strategies to make a lot of gold in a minimum amount of time on several ways. You must know that you can't begin to early with making gold. There's no need to wait until you hit level 80. Brad included a level 1 to 60 gold making guide which is great and can even allow you to make several thousands of cold before you even set foot in Outland. Then there are of course the 60 to 70 and 70 to 80 gold making guides. You can basically earn loads while leveling which means that you can earn enough gold for your epic level 80 flying mount without being level 80 yet!