Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warcraft Millionaire

Warcraft Millionaire

Gathering gold in the World of Warcraft is by many seen as a hell of a job. Spending hours of grinding for just a few hundred gold if your auctions sell etc. We all know the scenario. We all need the gold. The solution?

World of Warcraft - Become Rich in 3 Easy Steps!

World of Warcraft - Become Rich in 3 Easy Steps!

What are best ways to make gold in World of Warcraft seems to be question on everybody's minds these days. It's understandable though because at the end of the game, if you don't have enough gold there really isn't that much you can do.

I'm going to tell you three easy but effective steps that can be used on any character to make gold:

1. Play the auction House: When you are browsing through item in the auction house and you come across something that is selling for lower than it's market value, without worry how much money it is, just buy and resell it for it's actual price. Now you have to be careful with add-ons that claim to do this for you, because they can lose you a lot of gold if you don't have the setting just right. Here's a little secret; the price of crafting materials is constantly changing and can always be sold for higher than you bought them.

2. Try not to buy items for your character unless it is really necessary. Every time you buy an item you are cutting into your gold stash that you could be using to resell items in the auction house. It's best to only use items that drop and quest rewards to gear your character with. Then if you have left over items, sell them on the auction house for bonus profit.

3. This one is huge; GATHERING PROFESSIONS! The more time you spend gathering materials with mining, skinning, or herbalism, the more money you will make when you sell them at the auction house. Ore and skins sell for a lot of moeny on the auction house because they are in constant demand. Their value can change every day, so it can be worth waiting a bit until they are worth more one day and selling then.

NCAA Football 2010 Vs NCAA Football 2009

NCAA Football 2010 Vs NCAA Football 2009

NCAA Football has geared up through the years to become the topmost selling college football game series for more than ten years now. It simply gets better and better through the years. It brings out much excitement in the player because of the incredible game experience it gives to every player.

With the coming of NCAA Football 2010, players would want to know exactly how it would be different from NCAA Football 2009. What's to be glad about with 2010 updated version is that it has all-new features that would definitely be delightful for all college football fans out there, especially when online NCAA Football 2010 gaming means points for each student who plays the game. That means each online participant contributes to his or her college's winning the season.

Fans have always looked for authenticity in the NCAA football series that it has become a great challenge for EA Sports, the makers. Good thing EA Sports have always delivered authentic games each time they come up with an updated version. In the NCAA Football 2010, each school or university who is part of the Football Bowl Subdivision will be embodied by their own colors, mascots and cheerleaders. The great thing about it is that there are now more than a hundred schools that participate in the 2010 game.

When this video game comes out in July of this year, there is now room for players who get lazy while playing. The simming option allows the player to pick the kind of play and the computer will play the rest of the game. Still to be tested when it comes out, no one still knows if it's bound to be effective.

Here's another incredible thing with this video game, procedural awareness makes the players look more realistic. With this latest feature, receivers and defensive backs now can look at the ball just before they play.

That's about it about the "known" features of the all-new NCAA 2010. There are still more new elements into the latest game but gamers are intentionally made to anticipate, to add to the surprise. EA Sports is deliberately keeping everything a surprise up to a certain limit. The makers have allowed fans to draw out wish lists for the upcoming NCAA 10 so that suggestions could possibly be integrated into the game. Among those that came out in the wish list is a better line play, addition of team entrances, and crowd atmosphere.